Correct, we’re talking about Banks’ music for once.

Azealia Banks Jumps On A Fall Out Boy Remix

This post is drama free.

Normally when BreatheHeavy writes a story on Azealia Banks, it’s riddled with unnecessary controversy and probably something related to race and/or the LGBT community. However today (Oct. 16), Banks is finally landing on our music blog for all the right reasons.

She announced in September she’s teaming up with Fall Out Boy on a remix due this fall, and by the looks of it she completed her part. She Tweeted today (Oct. 16): “Big Love to @falloutboy for inviting me to work with them!!!! I’m excited for you guys to hear it !!”

Speaking of… Fall Out Boy released a remix for “Irresistible” featuring Demi Lovato today which you can listen to here.

You ready boo boos?