Azealia Banks is an evil ice princess in her latest bizarrely beautiful video.


Azealia Banks has premiered yet another new music video, this time for ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ cut “Ice Princess”.

Queen of controversy, Azealia Banks is taking the theme of slightly disturbing but mostly amazing visuals and running with it. In her latest CGI nightmare, she rides a giant snake, sports a Medusa inspired headdress and battles a volcano. Because of course.

The clip is a largely impressive endeavour. Purposefully featuring unconvincing animated effects and a left of center plot-line, it’s a good example of Banks standing out amongst the crowd for positive reasons, which doesn’t happen too often anymore. The whole thing looks like it cost somewhere in the region of $100 to produce, although considering the sales of her last album, a triple figure budget was probably generous.

Never one to let the opportunity for a grandiose and largely irrelevant political statement slide, the MV also features Azealia in white-face and blue contacts, which would be interesting if her grand-standing had any substance behind it. She does look stunning though, as per usual, and the styling works surprisingly well on her.

All in all, it’s a strong attempt from Banks; whilst the song isn’t the best on the album (I’m looking at you, “Heavy Metal and Reflective”) it’s still a catchy enough affair and her flow is on point. Arguably the biggest problem for the “212” star is that she’s now managed to make so many outrageous and offensive comments that no one’s really checking for her anymore.

It’s a shame really, because “Ice Princess” is a reminder that before she became a bad parody of herself, Banks boasted real potential.

What do you think of “Ice Princess”?