Azealia Banks Covers ******* Magazine

Insert obligatory ***** pun here.

Full-time controversy magnet, part-time rapper Azealia Banks has been teasing her ******* cover for what feels like several years now, so it’s nice to finally see the fruits of her labor.

Check out all the details below:

Captioned “It’s Catty Noir in the Flesh!!!! #******* #COVERGIRL”, Banks took to her Instagram (I thought she gave up social media for Lent?) to share the cover image; the full issue is expected to hit stands later this month. The reasonably SFW snap isn’t the most flattering picture of Azaelia ever taken, so it’ll be interesting to see how the undoubtedly NSFW fold images turn out.

Is this a smart career move? Since ******* is more or less the only magazine that Azaelia can still cover, I guess so. Having famously burned all of her bridges in the music industry and feuded with everyone and their mother, Miss Banks has to take her promotion wherever she can find it, even if it means sinking to the depths of magazine fodder for Hugh Hefner and his cohort.

Let’s remind ourselves of a simpler, brighter time, when Banks was still the most exciting new rapper in a generation and not a tabloid punchline:


It's Catty Noir in the Flesh!!!! #******* #COVERGIRL

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What do YOU think of Azaelia’s ******* cover?