See her latest tirade.

Azealia Banks Compares LGBTQ Community To White KKK

Azealia Banks is not controversial. She’s oblivious.

Someone probably advised Banks at one point bad publicity is good publicity, but in we live in a day and age where emerging artists are a dime a dozen amongst an ever-increasing more tolerant generation. That’s a hostile environment for someone like Azealia Banks, who thrives on negative Twitter mentions and backlash on the blogosphere where her words remain forever. Last week, Banks’ outburst at a Delta airlines flight attendant, whom she called a “******* ******,” was caught on video and uploaded for everyone to gawk at. She continues her portrayal of an angry and bitter, ignorant twit today when she posted a slew of hateful Tweets towards the LGBTQ community, comparing gay people to a gay white KKK and labeling them “weaklings.”

British EastEnders actress Alison Newman posted a Tweet saying Banks was an “unfathomable idiot,” which spun the rapper out of control.

She deleted a lot of her Tweets, but as we mentioned before… the Internet is forever (screen caps via Metro).












Banks’ attempts at justifying her harsh reality makes us feel sorry for her. It’s clearly obvious there’s no getting through to her and explain how her logic is ludicrous and shortsighted. She’s comparing apples to oranges, but we’re afraid she’s just bananas.