Azealia Banks, according to Azealia Banks, is the black Madonna.

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Add this to the infinite list of questionable claims Banks has made.

The Slay-Z spitter went on a Twitter rant to claim relevance in gay culture. She says she’s the black Madonna, not Gaga (whom she calls mediocre), and if you don’t believe her well you just wait.

“People like you worship me. …. i am. The. black. Madonna,” Banks says. “Sure I don’t have legions of racist white gay fans applauding me for me mediocrity like Gaga does… but I’m valid as f–k. You know it, everyone knows it. Stop lying to YOURSELVES.”

The irony here, clearly, is watching Banks lie to all of us and, sadly, herself. It’s true she gained a decent following of gay people despite her continuous discrimination towards them – more on that in an eventual thought essay I’ll never write about how someone so talented can bury their own career in record time.

It’s astounding to witness her continuous downfall, and posts like these certainly bring attention (THE SWEET, BEAUTIFUL ATTENTION) to her. Sigh.

To put her name in the same sentence as Madonna – a woman who sets trends, became a LGBTQ activist in an era where it was seen as taboo, and practices kindness – is plain disrecptpful.

Cool **** soap, though.

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