The controversial rapper is in trouble again.


She might be uber talented but Azealia Banks’s antics always overshadow what she’s good at.

Things turned serious for the 24-year-old rapper last night when she was arrested for allegedly biting a female security guard’s breast.

According to police records, obtained by PEOPLE Banks, 24, was arrested for second-degree harassment for physical contact, disorderly conduct for a fight and violent behavior, and assault with the intent to cause physical injury – a class A Misdemeanor. She was officially charged with those three counts, as well an additional attempted assault with the intent to cause physical injury, in an arraignment later the same day.

The incident occurred after the 212 rapper was kicked out of an NYC nightclub.

The arrest is another addition to Banks’s long list of controversies, and is the second time she has landed herself in legal hot water.

Banks released a music video for “Count Contessa” earlier this month.