Azealia Banks Announces New Album ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’

January 10, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Azealia is making a comeback.

Azealia Banks is making a comeback.

I’m not sure how to approach covering Azealia Banks in 2018. The rapper has a notorious and infamous past, but her music is good. It’s confusing, really. But from what I’ve gathered over the last several months, Banks is cleaning up her act and focusing what’s left of her social media force on the music, and for that I applaud her. Low-key bitter about Azealia blocking us on Twitter still, but I left petty Jordan in 2017 (lies).

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That brings me to the good news: Azealia is readying her new album titled Fantasea II: The Second Wave. The LP serves as a sequel to her 2012 debut mixtape.

“Okay guys !! so Fantasea Two the second wave is going to be released via @entertainmentone In March 2018,” she wrote. Azealia also revealed the Microsoft Word-inspired art for it.

Check out the Instagram posts below then give her mini-documentary that premiered in December a play – it’s actually very insightful:



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The Second Wave ?

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