Awkward: OneRepublic’s ‘Live’ Performance On The Voice Australia Was Actually Pre-Taped

A video editor for The Voice Australia might be out of a job.


A video editor for The Voice Australia might be out of a job.

OneRepublic performed their latest single “Wherever I Go” on the The Voice which aired Sunday night down under, but fans of the band noticed something peculiar during their on-stage stint.

While performing, the judges panel are seen bopping along to the song, but one aerial edit proved the band was actually playing the song to a crowd and four empty chairs… A.K.A. the judges were not present and everything is a lie.

The guys were also candid about their trip to Asia on the very day the episode aired, meaning there was no way they performed the song in AU on Sunday.

Getting our 2nd single prepared for mix right now with a decent view over #Tokyo

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I’m sure a peak behind the curtain isn’t surprising, but it does make you question the show’s authenticity. Does it matter? The band put on a great performance nonetheless. You can watch the full thing here (just try not to disappear).

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