American Idol is returning whether you like it or not.

American Idol is returning whether you like it or not.

Something no one asked for? The American Idol reboot with or without Katy Perry. Only a year and some change after the series finale (lmaooo) aired, the show is returning.

Katy, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are the judges – they’ll go head-to-head against The Voice this spring, you know… the singing competition show that Kelly Clarkson is on instead of American Idol? You know… the show that gave Kelly a gargantuan platform to become a household name? Yeah, that one.

It’s clear there’s some bad blood between AI and Kelly, and shockingly, instead of drumming up the drama for views, they’re erasing her name from their history altogether.

Check out this new promo for American Idol. It attempts to hype its upcoming season by listing its many accomplishments over the years and highlights some of the stars it churned out, including Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and, um NOT KELLY CLARKSON. You know... the greatest American Idol winner of them all?

“I’m going to be real with you. A lot of people reach out to me to be part of singing things because I was in the first one,” Clarkson said via about American Idol.

“I love [The Voice] she said. “It literally does come back to those blind auditions. It means something to me” having come in for a certain amount of criticism over the years because “I do not fit the pop-star image.”

“That’s what sets this show apart,” Clarkson continued. “I get judged on [aesthetics] all the time. I love that this show has chosen participants because they’re talented and they deserve it. This show really does compliment my desire for this industry,” she said.

I don’t look forward to reporting on American Idol’s abysmal ratings, but that’s journalism, you know…?

Watch the cringey new promo below:

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  1. There was a small clip of her at 11 seconds. However, she was not recognized like the other celebrities on the advertisement. In my opinion, Idol has made a big mistake by attempting a reboot so quickly. From my understanding, the budget has been thrown out the window. If the show can’t find a true radio star it will have failed to make money. At the end of the day that’s all the show is about. The Voice continues to rotate celebrities and remains stable.

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