Avril Lavigne’s “Tell Me It’s Over” Is The Comeback Single: Watch The Video

December 12, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Avril Lavigne has a broken heart in the song/video for “Tell Me It’s Over.”

Avril Lavigne’s album cover drama was digital whiplash. The singer revealed the artwork for her forthcoming record, Head Above Water, but the Internet torched it (including ya boy) so she deleted the entire thing off Instagram. It still exists on her other social platforms, so it’s not clear where we stand – whether she’s changing it or not – but let’s take our focus off that editor’s nightmare for a second and indulge in the singer’s latest song and video for single No. 2, “Tell Me It’s Over.”

Let’s address the headline. Perhaps I instantly fell in love with “Tell Me It’s Over” because of “Head Above Water.” The melancholy mantra detailed Avril’s resurgence after dealing with persistent health issues in recent years. “Tell Me It’s Over” could very well be a chapter from Avril’s personal life, but it’s disguised with a soaring chorus backed by a sugary sweet guitar melody and throwback beat. I wish this was the first official release.

“Tell Me It’s Over” is also quite a sad song if you dissect it, but the production and Avril’s powerhouse vocals pull the wool right over you. It’s co-written with Ryan Cabrera. 

There’s a new video for the track as well. In it, Avril and her significant other wrap their arms around one another in front of a Christmas tree, but those precious, sacred moments are rare. The video focuses on their dissolution and the singer’s aching heart.

“Tell Me It’s Over” is a gem. Check it out below:

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