Avril Lavigne rescues herself from… herself.

Avril Lavigne ditched the in-your-face fizzy pop song “Dumb Blonde,” featuring Nicki Minaj, for something more suitable from Head Above Water. The singer put forth a larger-than-life new music video for “I Fell In Love With The Devil,” a song that describes Avril’s desire for love that’s both intoxicatingly beautiful, but destructive.

In the clip, Avril drives a hearse holding a coffin with another Avril inside of it. The juxtaposition of white and black is symbolic of Avril’s internal struggle. She also plays the piano in a haunted forest wearing a red dress similar to the one featured on the song’s single cover and embraces a man who helped put her six feet under in the first place.

The video is a serve, but it needed some extra elements of flair, like a downpour of rain, a bed of roses and fire. Where’s the fire?

Watch below:

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