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I Just Want A Bigger Wow: Avril Lavigne – ‘Head Above Water’ (Album Review)

Avril Lavigne's sixth studio album, Head Above Water, is brimming with sugary sweet mid-tempos about love, loss and lessons learnt, but lacks variety.

The viral Internet hoax that Avril died and was replaced by a clone named Melissa to keep the funds flowing is officially case closed. Eerily, the real Avril came close to a version of that unfortunate destiny. The singer was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and it nearly killed her. Rightfully so, she calls some of the time in between her last album, 2013's self-titled, and now, “the worst years of [her life].” Complications from the bacterial infection became so dire, Avril said she made peace with dying, and that moment of despair – her rock bottom – inspired the album's name and lead single. Her resurgence is a recurring theme throughout Head Above Water, an album that flexes Lavigne's songwriting skills and soaring vocals like never before. But the carefully crafted hooks and similar piano / guitar-lead production creates a lull, and that's shame considering she has an arsenal of heroic memories to draw from and sing about.

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