Avril Lavigne debuted the cover for her new album, and it’s a bit of a mess.

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Undebut it.

Avril Lavigne’s comeback single, “Head Above Water,” is also the name of the singer’s forthcoming album.

Lavigne revealed the black & white cover art on Instagram. In it, she’s posing naked in a bed of shallow water behind a guitar. We thought she was trying to appeal to a more wholesome market?

I called the cover a tragedy in the headline, and I’ll stand by that. Not because she’s naked, but the photo looks like 3 separate pictures Photoshopped together. It’s an editing nightmare. It’s a disgrace to her legacy, but I live for odd album art. It’s already iconic.

Avril Tweeted back in July she was shooting her album cover that week. What’s hilarious about it is she says she had a fitting with Joseph Z, but it appears the fittings did not go well seeing as Avril is not wearing anything in the photo. So we’re to blame Joseph Z for this. Hi, Joseph Z!

Avril’s tracklist is also available. Head Above Water contains 12 songs and is reportedly out in February. You can check out the titles below, including “Bigger Wow” and “Birdle.” So much to absorb.

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