Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water album cover no longer appears on the singer’s Instagram account.

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I don’t feel good about this. Avril Lavigne revealed her new album cover for Head Above Water, and much of the Internet, including myself, lambasted it (smh I called it a tragedy in the headline). Not because she was sans clothes, but the photo was an editing nightmare. I stand by that criticism, but not without remorse.

It appears the backlash caught up with Avril, because over the weekend the singer removed it from her Instagram.
When she initially debuted it, Avril posted the cover as a collage. You know, when someone posts nine individual photos to their timeline (and your feed) to make one big picture. Sidenote: everyone, please… stop doing that. All nine photos were deleted and the cover is nowhere to be found on her Instagram. It’s worth mentioning the cover is still available on Avril’s Twitter and Facebook, just not Instagram.

It begs the question: is Avril switching up the cover photo? The record is rumored to drop in February, so there is certainly time.

My unsolicited advice? Change it. There’s probably hundreds of other photos to choose from that don’t look like four edits pieced together. Every time I see the photo I can’t help but stare at her foot. What. What is going on there? Fire that intern immediately. 

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