It is in support of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games after all.

Avril Lavigne Gets Inspirational On New Single

Avril Lavigne shares a soaring message in her new video for “Fly.”

It’s been one hard year for Avril Lavigne, who recently confessed that she’s been battling a case of Lyme disease. And yet, after taking the brave steps to reveal the illness in a cover story with People, the pop starlet is slowly and surely getting back into the swing of things with new music.

Over a gentle orchestra, piano and backing guitar, Lavigne spreads an inspirational message about pushing forward during the hard times and sounds pretty stellar doing so. Shout out to those vocals on that final chorus! Now, it’s not a particularly standout effort amongst the ballads in her catalogue, but “Fly” is enjoyable for what it is. As per her interview with People, it’s a song that helped her pull herself through a really bad period.

Knowing that I have the release of the song to look forward to and knowing that my fans were waiting for the new music helped me stay alive inside during some of my darkest times.”

Proceeds from the sales of the song will be donated to the Special Olympics, which will take place July 25 – August 2, 2015.

Check out the “Fly” video below!

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