You can’t unring the bell.

You can’t unring the bell.

Avante Black is a quartette lead by Swedish singer Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten. Last year they dropped a delicious synth cookie with “Drug Money” that was equal parts infectious as it was psychedelic (the video is wild). They only have another proper release before that, 2015’s “Imaginary Love,” and their evolution since takes alt-pop to new heights.

They’re back with another gem. It’s titled “Make A Mess,” and is probably the soundtrack to your life. Kjulsten’s bombastic vocals tell a tale of breaking up with someone and knowing there’s no going back once the damage is done; every 20-something can relate to this.

“Two years into 20 I need more / I am not the person that you knew before,” she sings to an accelerated beat and dreamy ’80s-inspired production. “We’re damned if we don’t / I know we’re damned if we keep trying.”

The vibe is a refreshing course considering the radio is dominated by mellow mid-tempos. And the chorus on “Make A Mess” is massive. Listen below:

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