Charli XCX unleashed “5 In The Morning” on us.


Charli XCX unleashed “5 In The Morning” on us.


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Charli typically releases new music left and right, but she’s remained awfully quite throughout 2018 (besides her controversial? feature on Rita Ora’s “Girls” collab).


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The pop star did give fans attending Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour a taste of her new song, “5 In The Morning,” however the studio version is now officially available to stream and re-stream. It’s a gem. On it, Charli boasts about about being boss.

“I know your type, think you’re one in a million / Your diamonds are fake, you ain’t golden,” she sings in auto-tune over a chilly pop-trap beat. “But I only **** with the ones who are rare enough / Real enough, down to keep goin’ / It’s 5 in the mornin’ / And I’m goin’ all in, I’m busy ballin.'”


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This is just the Charli confirmed she has lots more on the way. “i am going to release a lot music this year,” she Tweeted fans, “and a lot of videos. you’re gonna be so f—ing sick of me.”

Listen below:


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