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Auto-tune-tastic: Charli XCX Goes All In On New Song “5 In The Morning”

Charli XCX unleashed “5 In The Morning” on us.


Charli XCX unleashed “5 In The Morning” on us.



Charli typically releases new music left and right, but she’s remained awfully quite throughout 2018 (besides her controversial? feature on Rita Ora’s “Girls” collab).


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The pop star did give fans attending Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour a taste of her new song, “5 In The Morning,” however the studio version is now officially available to stream and re-stream. It’s a gem. On it, Charli boasts about about being boss.

“I know your type, think you’re one in a million / Your diamonds are fake, you ain’t golden,” she sings in auto-tune over a chilly pop-trap beat. “But I only fuck with the ones who are rare enough / Real enough, down to keep goin’ / It’s 5 in the mornin’ / And I’m goin’ all in, I’m busy ballin.'”



This is just the Charli confirmed she has lots more on the way. “i am going to release a lot music this year,” she Tweeted fans, “and a lot of videos. you’re gonna be so f—ing sick of me.”

Listen below:




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