The Hits That Got Away From Every Britney Album: “I Will Be There”

Years before “I Love Rock n Roll” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” (soft-)Rockney arguably made her first appearance on Britney Spears’ debut album. From the moment the spirited strumming of an acoustic guitar opens the song, it’s clear that “I Will Be There” is a unique track on the album. BreatheHeavy’s new feature, Should Have […]

The Hits That Got Away From Every Britney Album: “Where Are You Now?”

In re-examining Britney’s sophomore album, there’s one outlier from the group of four released singles:  “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know,” selected at the last minute as the replacement for the original choice for the fourth single (“When Your Eyes Say It”) was obviously intended to capitalize on the buzzworthy co-writing credit of […]

Justice For: Katy Perry’s “Bon Appé***” Is Extremely Underrated

‘Witness’ has long been regarded a very difficult album to love, and “Bon Appetit” is perhaps the best example of why. Justice For is a new recurring series on BreatheHeavy where we look at songs/videos that should have received more attention/critical acclaim, but didn’t. “Bon Appé***” is a decidedly left-field choice for a single that […]