Check out this special issue of Australia’s OK! Magazine that features Britney’s trip to Cabo and her **** body as their cover story. Her assistant, bodyguards, and Palms owner George Maloof accompanied Britney on the trip, and stayed at the $4800-a-night suite at Las Ventanas al Paraiso Restort. The group enjoyed spa services and sunset dining at the water’s edge. The magazine says everyone was amazed at how great Britney looked in her white bikini! According to Marc Corliss, Britney’s personal trainer from Bally Total Fitness, she has been doing an hour of interval training four days a week, along with sprinting, jumping rope, jumping jacks, and is back to her 500 ab exercises a day. Ellen would be proud. Along with her training, Britney has been on a rigorous diet which includes high-protein meals and portion control. Thanks Australian reader Liam & Exhaler moogle sent for the exclusive scans. Thanks mates! Click the picture below to read the entire article & more personal pics from the trip.


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