Shorty so perfect, do it right do it right.

Austin Mahone Premieres "Do It Right" Featuring Rob Villa

Austin Mahone just wants to do it right.

19-year-old Austin Mahone is like the no-drama Justin Bieber of music. He could’ve easily slipped into the celebrity breakup vortex after his split from ex-girlfriend Becky G, but the “Torture” singer side-stepped the mess and instead continues to share his new music (for free).

Following the release of his “Dirty Work” single and music video is “Do It Right” featuring Rob Villa. Mahone announced the single’s release via his Instagram on Wednesday (Sep. 2) not long after a post saying he and his security guard were strategizing Mahone’s next move. Check mate?

“Do It Right” is the perfect balance of ’90s boyband pop and autotune, featuring slick snaps and a radio-friendly chorus that repeats the song title so frequently it brain washes us into enjoying it. Really, we just like the funky synth production and Villa’s laid-back verse.


“I’m not sure if the album is definitely coming out in the fall, but it will be out before the end of the year,” Mahone told Billboard earlier this summer. “After the album drops, I’ll definitely be putting a tour together. I’m excited to get back on the road.”

“It was definitely a little bit difficult to get to this point, just because I wanted to find my sound and grow as an artist,” Mahone added. “I basically was just writing with a bunch of different producers and writers, just trying to find a bunch of songs that will take me to that next level. It was a process, but we’ve got most of the album done right now.”

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