Is there trouble brewing with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline this close to the arrival of their unborn baby?? Britney Spears is pictured visiting her husband who is in the finishing touches of his new hip hop album at a very upmarket Malibu Hills studio. Britney firstly had visited her sister just down the road on her film set and on leaving was seen on her mobile phone looking agitated before heading for the studios. On arrival she was met by a studio employee that took her to a outside waiting area where husband Kevin joined her for a 1 1/2 hour deep and meaningful conversation. Aside from a quick kiss when she arrived they seemed to be unaffectionate towards each other throughout the length of her visit. One onlooker said that he believed it was because Kevin has been so hard at work on his album that he has been neglecting his heavily pregnant wife .. At times Kevin seemed unsure what to do and either looked away or stared at his shoes whilst he played with his mobile phone. Half way through the conversation Britney got up quickly and strode off to the front room of the house leaving Kevin on his own staring at her walking away. She returned later with a glass of water and waited 5 minutes for her husband to return to recommence their conversation. After a period it seemed that they were finished and Britney got up followed by her husband and seemingly without any physical farewells he headed into the studio and she left down the stairs to be met by her assistant. Instead of heading to her rented home though she headed to a luxury hotel where upon arrival checked in and went straight to a suite and many hours later there had still been no sighting of her or more importantly her husband. Thanks Chrissy! Click the picture below to access the entire set.


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