Rewiiiiiiiiiind. Before Britney headed over to Underlab Studios yesterday evening, she was spotted working out at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey in the late-afternoon. Britney, dressed in brown pants and a white top, wore her homemade “Jayden & Preston” necklace to the personal training session. Soon after, Britney’s bodyguard was in a minor car accident. Luckily Britney was behind following in another car. No injuries were reported. Workout then studio? Fire! Just remember to find a balance for some “me” time too, Britney. And when I say “me time,” I mean her time, although I would enjoy her and me time… I’m confused. Basically go take a long hot bath with candles and bubbles, Britney. Girls like that ****, right? I’ll shutup. Enjoy the pictures! August 12, 2008.


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