August 12 - Britney Takes Her Beau To Lunch

Britney and David stepped out for a bite to eat at Pedlars Fork in Calabasas Tuesday afternoon.

The “What You See (Is What You Get)” singer kept it casual in a pink and white top, shorts and flip flops. David kept it even more casual with ensemble, and why not? It’s not like they have paparazzi chasing them all moments of the day!

Britney felt extra generous today letting her boyfriend rock her iconic blue aviators, but I do sense they’ll make a comeback.

Meanwhile, Brit’s dancers Willie Gomez & Zac Brazenas posted a selfie confirming they’re in Vegas right now beginning rehearsals.

Piece of Me kicks off on Friday!

Here’s the full photo of Britney and her man out and about today:

August 12 - Britney Takes Her Beaux To Lunch