Hollywood Attorney and never one to miss out on free press, Gloria Allred, Judge Reva Goetz, who oversees Britney’s conservatorship, should investigate the recent abuse allegations from a Star magazine cover story and its audio tapes released by RadarOnline.com.

“The judge can and should inquire of the conservator regarding these serious allegations,” Allred told RadarOnline.com. “The Court can ask questions, and if the conservator refuses to answer,then the Court has the power to replace the conservator with a public guardian.”

Though Star faces legal action from Britney’s legal team, they continue to release more audio tapes of Britney’s ex-whatever, Jason Alexander, and the fake Britney. In the latest tape, the unnamed girl says Jason beat her and she aborted the baby she was pregnant with.

Allred says conservator Jamie Spears can avoid being replaced if he answers her questions about the allegations. She says “it is likely that the conservator would answer and therefore would not be replaced. If the conservator believes that the allegation that Britney was battered is true, then the conservator could go to the police and ask for a criminal investigation.”

“The conservator could also file a civil lawsuit against the alleged batterer on behalf of the conservatee (Britney). However, if Britney is denying these allegations it is unlikely that either a criminal investigation would be opened or that a civil case would be filed (unless there is direct evidence of a battery, such as photos of bruises or medical records of injuries.)”

The next conservatorship hearing is scheduled for December 15th for a motion to seal records and accounting issues.

Britney testify? Unlikely.

Image: x17online.com

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