Ask Men’s 2007 Top 99 Rejections

April 26, 2007 By Jordan Miller

An explanation as to why Britney’s name is nowhere to be found on the 2007 Top 99 seems a tad unnecessary, but given that she was once the most desirable woman on the planet and a staple on this list, Britney is owed an explanation as to her exclusion for the last two years. Marriage, two children and a thriving career, would have skyrocketed Britney to the top of our list as a beautiful, business-savvy family woman. But, her excessive partying, *****-less paparazzi shots and trailer-park inspired getups (including hair and makeup), have catapulted Britney so far off the list that she has much redeeming to do before she can even latch on to next year’s No. 99 spot. Maybe her new album, which is scheduled for a 2007 release, will do the trick.

The people who picked this year’s most beautiful girls are probably bitting their nails so bad right now because yeah, they probably saw the new pictures too.