Ashley Tisdale shares the new music video for “Voices In My Head.”

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After nearly a decade, the High School Musical icon is finally ready to share her new tunes.

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The first release from Tisdale’s forthcoming project is titled “Voices In My Head,” a breezy pop track about that little voice in the back of your mind trying to sabotage your perfectly lovely life. I hate when that always happens.

“I got these feelings I try to bury down / But they keep screaming,” she sings over production cooked up by John Feldmann. “And I’m just tryin’ to filter out somehow/ But they don’t wanna leave.”

Fortunately, Ashley’s SO offers some emotional support for said voices. “They get in the way / And start a fire / But you never let us burn away,” Tisdale continues. ‘You’ve got me figured out.”


There’s also a new video for the track. If you were looking for a storyline, sorry to disappoint. However, Ashley serves a couple of lewks so it’s worth a watch. 

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This marks the first proper release since Ashley’s 2009 record, Guilty Pleasure (ahh, the headline makes sense now yea?).

Watch below:

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