New Wedding Anthem! Ashlee Simpson’s New Song “I Do” With Husband Evan Ross Is Sugary Sweet: Listen

After more than a decade, Ashlee Simpson finally readies new music.


After more than a decade, Ashlee Simpson has made her return to music.




Ashlee Simpson is back fam. I’m feeling emotional. Her new song with husband Evan Ross, “I Do,” is a laid-back mid-tempo about needing that someone special to feel whole and complete. Can someone remind me what that’s like?

“You’re asking me if I love you / I do, I do, I do (I do, I do),” the pair sing together. “I know the world can be broken / But it’s OK, I got you / And I’ma make you tomorrow /With you, with you, with you.”

A cute little number. Enjoy:




Surprise! Ashlee’s new single with her husband, Evan Ross, drops this Friday. It’s titled “I Do.” 

The singer took to Instagram to share the good word.

Yes, we’d all prefer a solo single, but after ten years we’ll take what we can get, amiright? Don’t answer that.





Hello, my name is Jordan, and I’m responsible for this very misleading headline. Truth be told, Ashlee is putting out a new album in a few months, but the part I conveniently left out is that it’s a joint album with her husband, Evan Ross (the youngest son of Diana Ross) and it won’t sound like her past pop works.

Now that I’ve come clean, let’s celebrate?



In a new interview with the New York Times, Ashlee describes the forthcoming LP as “conversations of love.” But in song form, I assume.

“Growing up I always loved soul and R&B and India Arie and Lauryn Hill and all that, and I think like you’ll feel vibes of that,” she said. But don’t stress, it’s still very much ~Ashlee~. “I feel like my tone of my voice, you definitely know it’s me.”

It’s also worth mentioning Verdine White, the Grammy-winning bass player from Earth, Wind and Fire, will appear on a song titled “Ashlee & Evan.”

The couple are also not terrible concerned with how it performs on the charts.

“I mean, everybody wants things to do well, but I think the good part about this is like, it’s all love,” Ross said. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

“People don’t like it,” Ashlee responded.

“You just gotta hope for the best,” Ross said. “Man, if they totally don’t like it, you’re like, damn, I must be boring.”



Ashlee and Evan will also appear on a E! new reality show. Fingers crossed they… don’t bore us.


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