Pop Emergency! Ashlee Simpson Is Releasing A Pop-Rock Solo Album

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Ashlee Simpson has two new albums on the way.


Ashlee Simpson has two new albums on the way.



This is very exciting! The Autobiography singer hasn’t released new music in a decade, but that’s all about to change in a very big way.

Ashlee is releasing a joint record with her husband, Evan Ross, in the near future. They just released their first song off the album – it’s called “I Do,” a gushy love song that’s sure to be a future wedding anthem. Listen to it here.



Once Ashlee & Evan’s dual album runs its course, they both have solo projects lined up.

Ashlee confirmed to Rolling Stone she’ll release a solo album that’ll sound like her earlier work(!!!).

“With my solo album, I’m definitely going to do a bit of a pop-rock thing, but with a little soul added in now,” she says.

“I definitely want to get up and dance around. I’ve gotta do it.”



Yes, yes she does!

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