Pop Emergency! Ashlee Simpson Is Releasing A Pop-Rock Solo Album

Ashlee Simpson has two new albums on the way.


Ashlee Simpson has two new albums on the way.



This is very exciting! The Autobiography singer hasn’t released new music in a decade, but that’s all about to change in a very big way.

Ashlee is releasing a joint record with her husband, Evan Ross, in the near future. They just released their first song off the album – it’s called “I Do,” a gushy love song that’s sure to be a future wedding anthem. Listen to it here.



Once Ashlee & Evan’s dual album runs its course, they both have solo projects lined up.

Ashlee confirmed to Rolling Stone she’ll release a solo album that’ll sound like her earlier work(!!!).

“With my solo album, I’m definitely going to do a bit of a pop-rock thing, but with a little soul added in now,” she says.

“I definitely want to get up and dance around. I’ve gotta do it.”



Yes, yes she does!

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