Sorry boys, it’s a “Girls Night Out.”


Sorry boys, it’s a “Girls Night Out.”


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Charli XCX has a new song out. It’s titled “Girls Night Out,” a frenetic, electro-banger thanks to the production skillz of SOPHIE and Stargate.

On it, an auto-tuned Charli sings about painting the town with her gal pals. 

“Goin’ out on the weekend / Gettin’ dressed with my girls / Put on my favorite lip gloss
Cherry Garcia swirl,” XCX croons. “Perfume, pleasure, and platforms / Livin’ that kind of world / We’re gonna live it up tonight.”


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It’s worth mentioning an unpolished version of this song has existed in the cracks of the Internet for a year now, but it sounds especially ferocious now that it’s mastered.

The track debuts at midnight local time:


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