Ariana Grande’s “Scream Queens” Death Scene Surfaces

July 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The clip leaks weeks ahead of schedule.

Ariana Grande's "Scream Queens" Death Scene Surfaces

If you were really annoyed at Ariana Grande licking donuts, this is for you.

Ariana Grande gets her very own cheesy death scene in Ryan Murphy’s teen horror series Scream Queens, and it leaked onto the Internet ahead of the show’s official premiere Sep. 22. Ari is seen in the arms of a red-masked devil before he flings her around and stabs her. That doesn’t do the “Problem” singer in though. Fleeing for her life, she crawls around on the floor and Tweets her millions of followers for help before he finally finishes the job. Because of course.

It’s not quite what we expected, yet it is.

Others appearing in the show include Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and Keke Palmer.

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