Did she really think she’d get away with it?

Ariana Grande Will Face Charges For Licking Donuts

Ariana Grande isn’t breaking free from the “Donutgate” so easily after all – the donut shop owner does want to press charges… for something.

If you’ve been living under a rock then you might have missed the leaked video that showed the “Love Me Harder” singer (and part-time hater of America) inconspicuously licking two donuts on a store counter, kissing her back-up dancer and proclaiming her hatred for the good old disgusting USA.

After the CCTV footage leaked online, the 22-year-old posted her own video – a ‘vlog’ if you will – on YouTube apologising profusely for her devastating actions, discussing the difficulty she had endured post-leak and explained that her only intention was to reduce child obesity.

Her fans quickly re-followed her social media accounts, quoting every line from the apology video to anti-Ariana trolls and then the police claimed that Wolfee Donuts owner Joe Marin did not intend to press any charges.

Finally, she was safe again: the dark clouds cleared, rainbows filled the sky and she had one less problem without him. Or so she thought.

During his daily BreatheHeavy check, Marin saw reports that he wasn’t pressing charges and phoned into a Canadian radio show immediately to make it known that he did tell the police he wants Grande charged.

Speaking to Roz and Mocha of Toronto’s Kiss 92.5 this morning, Marin said:

“I think she should be [charged..] If it was one of us, like a regular customer, they would do something about it.”

Despite the singer only costing the owner $4 with her saliva, he told the hosts that the incident gave him heat from health inspectors and has hurt business – although, just days ago he told The Wrap that business had tripled… Shady!

The worst of it all? When asked if he would let Ariana back into the store if she apologised directly, Joe bluntly said “No.”

Sorry Ariana, but it looks like you’ll have to lick some donuts elsewhere next time.

I hope she has a good lawyer for this case.