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Ariana Grande Is Having A Tough Time On Tour

The pressures of a demanding tour are weighing heavily on the pop star’s mind.

It’s no secret that touring is a label’s bread and butter. They invest in the singer’s albums, and in return the artist tours… you know… ROI. However, the schedule is often grueling – jamming in as many stops as a trek could allow – and the non-stop traveling/performing is taking its toll on Ariana.

The singer dealt with some unimaginable tragedies in the last couple of years – the bombing at her Manchester show, the dissolution of her relationship with ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, and the untimely death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Ariana coped by recording Thank U, Next, her best-performing album ever and 2019’s shining chart gem. It came time for the pop star to hop out of the recording studio and onto the stage, but after only one month since the Sweetener Tour kicked off, Ariana has already expressed that she’s having a tough time.

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In now-deleted Tweets, Ariana said she doesn’t feel like touring is good for her health.

A fan wrote: “baby is tour good for u and your health? Remember that: your happiness > seeing you on tour. Take care my love.”

Ariana responded: “I don’t think it is. It’s been v hard. I have sm on my mind and it’s so heavy and no energy to process or work thru any of it but I’m trying hard. And I have the twins. And seeing u all is so nice. But it’s hard emotionally. I wish it were a year ago. I’d give anything.”

She went on to say performing the music makes her relive the pain “all over again and it is hell.”

Elsewhere, “I’m trying and my soul is confused and tired.”

“Having a routine is good for ptsd. Been readin bout it. I would be sad without the shows too.”

Ariana has nearly 70 shows left to complete before the tour concludes.

I’ve always personally felt it was a bit too soon for Ariana to head back on the road. Her happy place is the recording studio, and I think there was still more for her to uncover, but touring obligations, money, etc eclipsed the artistry. So the higher ups chucked her back into the machine, and now she’s learning to cope. I’m as excited as anyone to see Ariana on tour, but not at the expense of her mental health.

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