Listen to the new clips she casually uploaded online.

Ariana Grande Teases Several New "Moonlight" Snippets

Ariana Grande shared several clips of her upcoming single “Moonlight.”

God bless the age of the Internet where celebrities can impulsively share sneak peeks of their latest recordings with fans in a snap. As is the case with Ariana Grande, who uploaded two clips via Snapchat of her album title track for “Moonlight,” a song she co-wrote with Victoria Monet, who has had writing credits on Grande’s previous records. The low quality clips show someone that isn’t Big Sean dancing to her new jam, but what’s more confusing is the state in which she’s presenting the songs. Either Ari doesn’t grasp how she’s slowly ruining a potentially impactful single release, or she’s smarter than us old school twenty-something-year-olds and knows exactly what she’s doing. Yea, we’ll roll with that one.

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