Listen to the new teaser plus watch her share a smooch with her Nickelodeon costar.

Ariana Grande Teases "Focus" Snippet, Kisses Elizabeth Gillies

It’s hard to focus when Ariana Grande’s posting videos of her kissing another girl.

But we’ll try.

Grande saw Demi Lovato’s exhausting #FindConfident campaign and probably thought, “F that.” The result? Sloppily posting a low-quality clip of her new song “Focus” sans any visual from the upcoming Moonlight album.

She posted: “twenty four days til focus.”

The song is co-written with Victoria Monet, who has had writing credits on Grande’s previous records.

“‘Moonlight’ is very honest and very special to me,” Grande says of the forthcoming record. “I feel like this is the most personal music I’ve made, by far. I’m very proud of it and I’m very excited. It’s scary…it’s vulnerable and kind of terrifying.”

She adds, “I’ve been feeling a lot more empowered, and grown up, and independent. I think that’s part of the reason I didn’t want to make a pissed-off break-up song. I was not focused on that. Everything is nice and great right now…why would I write about some ********? I’d rather write about some really lovely things that are going on.”

In other news… Ari shared a kiss with her Victorious Nickelodeon costar Elizabeth Gillies and it got us a little excited. She ~claims~ it was uploaded on accident, but we’re not so sure. She wrote on Twitter: “I WAS EDITING IT IN INSTA TO SEND TO HER AND IT POSTED ACCIDENTALLY BUT ITS GREAT SO WHATEVER ?”

my favorite video of all time @lizgillz. (p.s. this was totally posted by accident ????)

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