Listen to another clip off Moonlight.


Ariana Grande wants you to know she’ll be alright.

When she isn’t funding her brother’s own unisex fragrance line or deciding what she wants to name her next album, Grande is working hard on new material.

She teased a song titled “Be Alright” last summer, but only now has a second glimpse for her babes. This one features house production and the plunky sounds of a xylophone a la “What Do You Mean.” We’re beginning to understand what Tinashe meant when she said Grande is bringing R&B back into pop.

In it, she sings “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing. Boy I’ll be alright.”

Grande mentioned she’s unsure if she wants to name the forthcoming LP Moonlight or something else. Be Alright could be the working-title of this next record which is… alright.

Listen here:

And re-visit the clip she shared last June:

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