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Ariana’s new video looks out of this world.

Because there’s a comet, in the teaser… Get it? They’re from space, so out of this… Oh never mind.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Ariana Grande’s next single is the perfectly inoffensive if not painfully dull “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” since the mini-diva inexplicably chose to perform “Your Heart” at last week’s Grammy Awards, but you can rest assured it’s not. In reality, she’s finally getting around to releasing “One Last Time,” the best track on her sophomore album.

And in a move you probably didn’t see coming, the video looks equally promising. Check out a fifteen second teaser below:

It’s fair to say that Ariana doesn’t have the most stellar videography, between the non-event that was the “Problem” video and inter-galactic sci-fail “Break Free”, “My Everything” may have been responsible for some stellar pop-offerings, but it’s hardly established Grande as a connoisseur of fine visuals. With any luck, “One Last Time” is about the change that.

Taking to her Instagram (where else?) last night, the “Daydreamin'” warbler teased this enigmatic clip:


A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Although it’s hard to gather much of anything in 15 seconds, the teaser shows promise. The excerpt features a found-footage style intro with a genuinely interesting concept and boasts direction from Max Landis (who worked on the painfully underrated 2008 TV series ‘Fear Itself.’) With a bit of luck and some good judgement, this might mark an upturn in Ariana’s visual output.

The clip is set to drop on Sunday February 15, so you’ll be able to see whether Grande’s pulled it off or not then. She’ll also be taking the halftime stage at the NBA’s All-Star Game on the same day, so one would assume that she’ll use the opportunity to promote the still-brilliant “One Last Time.” After the fiasco at the Grammys, however, all bets are off and the “Bang Bang” assistant may well perform a 10 minute solo version of “Almost is Never Enough.” Who knows?

What do you think of the “One Last Time” clip? Will you be checking for the premier this Sunday?