Ariana Grande: Taylor Swift Gives Me Hope To Sell Big

Ariana Grande has hopes to sell a million+ opening week like Taylor Swift.

It’s a tall order, and she has a long road ahead of her, a scandal or two, three different hairstyles and a few albums, but Ariana Grande just might one day break Taylor Swift’s impressive records on Billboard. She’s bowing down to pop music’s biggest super star right now, Taylor Swift, saying she hopes one day she can garner such sales.

Ari said:

“She’s doing something incredibly special for pop and I love pop. Her album is actually selling, in a time like this. It gives us all hope.”

The two had a pajama party Monday night before their Victoria’s Secret fashion show performances today.

I imagine there was a lot of cookie dough ice cream, pillow fights and nail painting.

Do you think one day Ariana can sell like Taylor?