UPDATE: It has come to my attention this isn’t Arian Grande’s official channel, causing unexplained sadness knowing now this isn’t “real.”

Ariana Grande Strikes Back, Releases "Break Free" Lyric Video

It’s safe to say Ariana Grande’s creative team rushed the Star Wars-themed “Break Free” lyric video.

While I am a Star Wars fan (shout-out to Queen Amidala), it isn’t inherently obvious WHY they went with that besides speculating the music video will run with a futuristic vibe. It looks like they typed the lyrics to a default setting in iMovie and was like ‘Yes, yes this will appease them’ and uploaded it.

Sure, lyric videos are a bonus goodie for fans, but when you’re competing against clips like Katy Perry’s “Birthday,” or Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” you better be on your A-game.

May the force be with her. Watch it here: