Ariana says ‘Christmas & Chill > ‘Dangerous Woman’

The pop star continues to shade Dangerous Woman, and it’s not (we gonna be) alright.

First, during a recent soundcheck on the Sweetener Tour, the pop star fielded questions from her fans, and one of them included her thoughts on Dangerous Woman bop, “Touch It.” She said the song was one of the most “boring” tunes she’s ever penned.


It’s worth mentioning Max Martin, who’s co-created some of Ariana’s biggest hits, is the mastermind behind this iconic song.

Ari doubled down. A fan Tweeted “Christmas & chill is better than dw” and Ariana endorsed it by liking the Tweet.

Sigh. Ari has a history of putting some our favorite tunes on blast. She also shaded “Breathin” and her Nicki Minaj, Jessie J collab, “Bang Bang.”

Ariana, sis, how’re you going to call out Dangerous Woman like that? Not when Sweetener exists.

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