Ariana Grande says two of her past albums featured songs that would help her become a pop queen, not because she liked the music.

At this point, we’re all very comfortable with the notion that Ariana Grande isn’t thrilled with her catalog. She’s gone on the record to shade some of her best stuff. Please review the links below if you feel like being outraged:

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Ari is doubling, errr… tripling down on things.

“There was a two-album period where I was doing half the songs for me and half the songs to solidify my spot in pop music,” she says in her new interview with Vogue.

We can only assume she’s referring to Dangerous Woman and My Everything.

“A lot of my singles have been hilariously lacking in substance,” she continued. “You’re talking to someone who put ‘Side to Side’ out as a single. I love that song, but it’s just a fun song about ***.”

Ariana might view her earlier works like how we look back on our senior pictures, but she’s forgetting that these albums resonate with millions of people. Without them, she wouldn’t have achieved the insurmountable success with Thank U, Next.

Stream flawless below:

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