Hear a quick preview before tonight’s live debut.


Ari and Nicki are back at it again.

Ahead of their performance tonight at the T Mobile Arena, Ariana Grande previewed her new song with rapper Nicki Minaj on Snapchat:

The clip doesn’t reveal much except the lyrics “Up in here all night/Up in here all day” (or is it “I been here”…hmmm…) from what sounds like a mid-tempo track with a possible reggae sounding beat?

Ariana spoke about working with Nicki on her new album, agreeing with a reporter that Nicki fits the role described by the albums first single, Dangerous Woman:

The collab will be the third from the two divas. Their first was the smash hit Bang Bang with Jessie J then Ari guested on Nicki’s Pinkprint album for the S&M-tastic track Get On Your Knees.