She got us some type of way. Hmph.

Ariana Grande told fans recently she feels overexposed, because let’s face it homegirl dominated the music industry last year, but the pint-sized pop star is admittedly at her best when she’s in the recording studio. Which brings us to this piece of great news…

Grande is already working on a followup to the record-breaking Thank U, Next record.

It appears Ariana is creating new tunes alongside TU,N producer Tommy Brown and co-writer Njomza. Brown worked with Ariana on all six albums. Njomza co-wrote “7 Rings.” Needless to say, the “NASA” singer wants to return with a vengeance.

“Today was insane,” Brown Tweeted over the weekend. “I’m convinced I know the most talented people in the world.”

Some could argue Ariana should work with new collaborators – freshen up her sound – however if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Brown and Njomza helped create some of my favorite songs in 2019 with Ariana; I’m perched to see what they’re cooking up next.

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  1. Wow I thought she’s gonna take a break after the tour. Like for real. Like Britney after the DWAD tour. She should sit this one out and let Justin slay 2020. Unless Scooter wants all three of his pop stars to dominate the year – rather two of them atleast. Sorry Demi.

  2. I think she should take a break. I understand that she loves to make music, but it’s not healthy to keep releasing music all the time. She’s already released so much… ‘Sweetener’, ‘thank u, next’, “boyfriend”, the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack, ‘k bye for now (swt live)’… she was very busy this whole era and deserves to rest.
    Also, if I remember correctly, she followed DaBaby and producer London on da Track on Instagram not too long ago… I wonder if they’ll contribute to this upcoming body of work in any way.

  3. This is starting to become very similar to Rihanna… She vomited a string of albums and now we have to beg–ok we already did that–and then here we are all about to sacrifice puppies in order to have a new record ugh these girls don’t know how to administer their music!!

  4. Anybody know how many albums Ariana has on her contact? I’ve wondered if she has been trying to fulfill it quickly? I am an Ariana fan and not opposed to new music…but I don’t want her to burnout or surface from a burnout from the general public. I feel she should relax for a bit. Take a little time to have something to write about…but maybe she’s gonna work on it slowly throughout the year?

      1. She was a sweet little girl with a big voice and then she started with this attitude of diminishing her own past work over and over, and her persona has completely changed through the last couple of years. It’s as if after “Dangerous Woman” she took off the mask, and it shows even in her current sound and music videos, she’s a whole other person. Now all I can think of when I hear her name is “fake”.

  5. I feel like she should need a break at this point, but I’m always down for more bops. 2020 is sound like a revival of pop music so many people are planning to release music this year. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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