See the first in her new two part video release.


Ariana Grande ditches the ponytail and gets **** in new visual.

Keeping things simple to start with, Grande has premiered the first of two videos for her darkened, moody new single Dangerous Woman. While not a massive departure from her previous visual efforts, the video differs in that it focuses solely on Grande for the entirety, as opposed to the usual special effects laden videos we’re used to from Ari. Perhaps this is a sign of a more artistically centered album?

Ariana explained her reasoning behind releasing two videos for the same song:

“We’re doing something weird, we’re doing two visuals because this song makes me feel two kinds of ways, it makes me feel **** and glamorous — I wanted to do a simpler more glam-themed video ; and then I wanted to do another video because it makes me feel, also kind like a super version of myself in a way. It makes me feel like inside me is a black latex super-bunny woman. So there’s a simpler approach and there’s a weirder more cinematic conceptual bizarre video.”

Looking forward to part two!

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