Check out Ariana’s latest showing of “One Last Time”.

Ariana Grande Performs "One Last Time" on The Voice ITA

Despite releasing her newest single more than three months ago, Ariana Grande is still on the promotional trail for “One Last Time”.

Ariana took time out of her sold-out Honeymoon Tour last night to perform modest hit, “One Last Time” on The Voice Italia, and in news that likely won’t shock you it was a vocally outstanding, if not slightly predictable, effort.

The performance showcases Grande’s signature vocals and signature style and whilst it’s fair to say that she doesn’t change her shtick too often, she does what she does well. Granted her wanton disregard of proper enunciation or a new hairstyle are arguably frustrating, but the David Guetta written track holds up well in a live setting.

Ariana has more than proven her worth as a live act in the year since ‘My Everything’ was released. With one of the most competent voices in the industry and an album chock full of catchy hits, she’s usually an engaging performer which is why it’s a little surprising that her current arena tour is receiving such mixed reviews.

Her European promotion coincides with a handful of foreign-language remixes of “One Last Time” hitting the airwaves, including an Italian version of the song featuring rapper Fedez.

What did you think of Ari’s latest live showing?