We have reason to believe Ariana Grande’s next single off ‘Thank U, Next’ is “NASA.”

Ariana Grande’s Billboard Hot 100 and 200 reign seems to finally be letting up, but the pop star has a plan. Ari typically releases merchandise for her singles, and she just dropped some new threads on her official website that gravitate around her flawless TU,N tune, “NASA.”

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, **** on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.

“Just one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind,” Drag Race queen Shangela says in the opening line of the track. “NASA” is about feeling suffocated by a significant other, like floating through the infinite vacuum of space in search for fresh air. Upon first listen, I didn’t gravitate towards “NASA,” but over time it transformed into something magical. Not only is the play on words pop music magic, but if you’re over guys right now it’s pretty perfect.

“NASA” is one of my favorite tracks off the record, so two thumbs up for the flawless selection. Obviously we’re going to need the spotlight shined on “Bad Idea” and “Bloodline” eventually, but “NASA” could be a song of the summer.

Check out a bit of Ari’s performance of it at Coachella below:

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