“I’m solid.”


“I’m solid.”


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Internet culture puts such an emphasis on No. 1s and where music charts. It’s exhausting.

Did you know Drake’s new album Scorpion has SEVEN songs in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week? He snatched The Beatles’ longstanding record (they had six). THE BEATLES. I mean his new record is phenomenal but Jesus Christ. And when an artist with legitimately great music doesn’t even scratch the surface of the charts, we cast them aside. It’s not right, and you know who’s unbothered about it? Ariana Grande.


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Someone Tweeted her asking where her No. 1 song is (Ari has yet to top the Hot 100, but it’s worth mentioning her first two albums debuted at the top and Dangerous Woman at No. 2), and she responded without f–ks.

“i’m so blessed that this is even my life, i’d be out of my mind to ask for anything more,” she said.


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“i’m so proud of my music & grateful for my gift. it’ll happen when it happens & if it doesn’t, I’m solid.”

Considering how polarizing Ariana is, it is a little surprising she hasn’t landed a chart topper yet, but like I stated previously, does it matter?



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