Ariana Grande’s new song “Imagine” is a sweet tribute to her relationship with Mac Miller.

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Ariana’s best-performing song ever, “Thank U, Next,” is still topping the Hot 100, but the singer already has another new tune for us. It’s titled “Imagine,” presumably off the forthcoming Sweetener followup. It’s worth mentioning Billboard  says Sweetener is the number one album of the year. I love Ari, but I have to laugh.

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Her latest release, “Imagine,” is officially out. On it, denial rears its mysterious head. Denying your feelings for someone… too real. 

“A lot of this album mourns failed yet important, beautiful relationships in my life (as well as celebrates growth / exploring new independence),” Grande explained on Instagram. “But for those of you asking about imagine: i would say if ‘thank u, next’ = acceptance… ‘imagine’ = denial. hope that makes sense.”

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On “Imagine,” Ariana sings about a budding romance that’s easy squeezy. The kind where being yourself is celebrated and getting to know the other person is a thrilling endeavor. It could very well detail the beginning of her relationship with Mac Miller. He had the word “Imagine” tattooed on his arm. Mac tragically died from an overdose in September.

“Knew you were perfect, after the first kiss / Took a deep breath like, oooh,” Ariana sings over icy production crafted by “Pop” Wansel and Happy Perez. There’s also a rattling, ominous beat that plays a sharp contrast to Ariana’s breathy vocals. At one point, Ari plays vocal gymnastics and hits some pretty stratospheric high notes that would make Mariah proud.

“Feels like forever, baby, I never / Thought that it would be you / Tell me your secrets, all of the creep **** / That’s how I know it’s true.”

“Imagine” doesn’t feel quite like the event that “Thank U, Next” was, but not every release needs to be some pop phenomenon. “Imagine” is low-key, and sometimes that’s the best kind of love.

Listen below:

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