She want it, she got it.

Ariana Grande famously ditched the Grammys last year, so her return was widely-received.

Before she took the stage, Grande lost in several categories she was nominated in, but didn’t let the L bring her down.

Grande performed Sweetener cut, “Imagine,” at the Grammys before jumping into a verse from The Sound Of Music, “7 Rings” then “Thank U, Next.”

Watch below:

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  1. I was sooo happy during that entire performance! She was able to squeeze in 4 songs in 6 minuted and still managed to sing ‘7 Rings’ in full! Yasss! I love her and I wished she won atleast one. Just one. It would’ve completed her the entire TUN era – like full circle. It would’ve been the icing on the cake.

    1. History is repeating itself. Just like Mariah at the beginning of her career, she’s dropping a new album every year, but Grammys are not showing her any love. After winning 2 Grammys with her debut album, It took Mariah 15 years to win her 3,4 and 5th Grammy. Ariana is the new Mariah. She even copied her singing style. Lol

      1. Literally, yeah! If only Ari had remained a niché popstar or just a little less being THE main pop girl, she would’ve been a Grammy darling. Cause the Grammys really undervalue commercial success. If Ari had been a Christina (second main pop girl) instead of a Britney (THE main pop girl), she would’ve gotten Grammy love. Like kinda how Billie Eilish is. 😪

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