Listen to Ariana’s lead single “Dangerous Woman.”


Ariana Grande doesn’t need permission, makes her own decisions… that’s her prerogative.

Grande gave us something to swish out the nasty aftertaste we’ve been left with since she forced “Focus” on us. “Dangerous Woman,” which also serves as her upcoming album title, is a breath of rebellious air. Grande took a risk with “Dangerous Woman,” a song about losing control over the feeling inside. Her soulful vocals melt over an electric guitar while she sings about feeling like a natural, dangerous woman. “Something bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” she sings. “Something ’bout you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t.” The track is teeming with sultry empowerment – it’s her opportunity to let the world know where she stands not only as a blossoming artist, but a young woman. Some of her peers opted for ****** pasties and twerking to prove their womanhood, but Grande wants you to know one thing… she’s dangerous. Listen below:

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