Ariana loves her fans to the moon and back… except when they start drama.

The hashtag #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty started trending on Twitter on Thursday (August 8) after the pop star scolded her fans for throwing gas on a rumor fire.

There was buzz Frank Ocean had plans to sue Ariana for using a cover of his song “Close to You” as the interlude for her Sweetener World Tour. A fan named Shannon Tweeted about it. Ariana saw the Tweet and shut it down.

“I didn’t. We changed the interlude bc I prefer ‘Adore,'” she said in the now-deleted Tweet. “Please stop making s–t up every time I log off for a few hours and u get bored.”

The fan was obviously upset and responded saying Ariana “hates” her now.

 “Naw I love u,” Ariana Tweeted back. “Just exhausting seeing people talk. Love u to the moon n back.’”

This was the ammunition for K-pop and Taylor Swift stans to start the #ArianaGrandeIsOverParty trending topic.

Shannon wrote a lengthy Tweet defending Ariana and apologized for rolling with the rumor.

“Personally, I think she had a right to say what she said and honestly, I would be pissed off too if stupid *** rumors were started about me every single day. She snapped and I had it coming,” she wrote.

‘We’ll never know who started the rumor about the lawsuit between Ariana and Frank Ocean, but it doesn’t matter because the people on my timeline that I saw tweeting about it and me for participating in it are all at fault. It was just unfortunate that she saw my tweet and my tweet was the one that upset her,” Shannon continued.

“She accepted my apology and we actually privately messaged each other. We good.”

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